Billy is shocked to realise that Todd was the one who tipped off the bishop. Todd claims that he merely set Billy free from a religion that wouldn’t accept the real him. Billy is furious and ends his relationship with Todd.

Later, Vinny and Phelan are gobsmacked when Todd turns up at the site and announces that he wants in on the deal, declaring that he’s reverting to type following Billy’s rejection. Back on the dark side, he’ll happily fleece the neighbours – but he stipulates that Eileen and Jason mustn’t lose a penny or he will scupper the project. Will Phelan and Vinny agree?

Meanwhile, Yasmeen drives Cathy to Alex’s dad Nigel’s house. But when Cathy knocks on the door, a hostile Nigel refuses to discuss Alex and slams it in her face.

Elsewhere, Sharif is guilt-ridden after sleeping with Sonia and it doesn’t take long for Alya to notice their intimacy.

Also, Aidan is impressed by by Alya and Sinead’s old sideline designs when he finds the drawings at Underworld, while Audrey tells Freddie they should just stay friends while he’s still grieving.

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