03 Tuesday Emmerdale

Dan explains himself to Kerry, pointing out that Nicola was the one who made the pass at him. This sends Kerry back on the warpath as she heads to find Nicola and slaps her. Nicola is also forced to give Jimmy some answers about the recent problems in their marriage.

Later, Kerry tries to kiss Jimmy in The Woolpack, but he rejects her advances. Kerry then heads out to town in Ross’s cab, but when she makes a move on the bad boy, he sees his chance to win his bet with Pete.

Meanwhile, Moira gets emotional as she and James rescue a donkey in the road. Moira feels that everyone leaves her, so James offers her some comfort. Sure enough, it’s not long before they end up kissing passionately.

Elsewhere, Paddy is saying his goodbyes to everyone in the village. Chas and Aaron are the latest villagers to step in and urge him to stay, but is it too late? And will Marlon have any luck when he dresses Leo in lederhosen to persuade him to stick around?

Also today, Pete sets up a date with a Mrs Tennant, but is furious when he realises that Ross deliberately didn’t tell him how old she was.

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