02 Monday Eastenders

Grant makes another return to Albert Square as a desperate situation unfolds for the Mitchell family. When Ben and Jay are kidnapped by men who force them into a van and drive off with them, a panicking Courtney contacts her dad to help rescue the pair.

The family crisis brings the Mitchell brothers back together again, but Phil is far from welcoming as he insists that he wants to deal with the situation on his own.

With Jack’s help, Phil gets an address for where Ben and Jay might be, but it’s clear that Phil in no fit state to launch a rescue mission when his health problems catch up with him and he collapses.

As Phil is out of action, can Grant deal with this situation on his own?

Meanwhile, emotions run high for the Cokers as Paul’s funeral gets ever closer.

Elsewhere, Kush confides in Stacey about recent events.

Also today, Patrick and Claudette start to share the surprising news of their relationship. How will their surprised families react to the Square’s newest romance?

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