05 Thursday Eastenders

Shakil’s 16th birthday has arrived. Carmel is busy making plans for a traditional party at Denise’s place, but Shakil has other ideas in mind and seeks help from Mark to help make it happen. Just as Shakil is promising that there’ll be no booze at his party, Mark sneaks out of the Queen Vic with a crate of cider.

Once the youths are left alone, the party soon commences, but will everything go to plan?

Meanwhile, Kush realises that all might not be well between Shakil and his dad. Mark also finds a birthday gift from him – a pair of trainers – left in the rubbish, but Shakil is adamant that they should stay there.

Elsewhere, Mark tells Ian and Sharon he has his eyes on a girl and they tell him to go after her. Later, Sharon wonders if they should tell Mark the truth about Grant.

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