05 Thursday Emmerdale 03

When Laurel starts having twinges, she tells Rishi the baby is coming. However, once Laurel gets to the hospital, she’s told that it was a false alarm and she is sent back home.

Later, Ashley goes upstairs to run Laurel a bath, but her waters break. Ashley is shocked when he returns downstairs to find her in labour.

Meanwhile, Charity urges Cain to stop denying that he wants her. She covertly sends a text from his phone then begins seducing him. Moira shows up just as Charity is kissing Cain and he’s furious to realise Charity set this up. But will Charity’s plan backfire?

Elsewhere, Kerry is having teething problems in the new role and starts to realise that she may not be managerial material. Later, Kerry is delighted when Rishi thanks her for looking after the factory while he was busy dealing with Laurel. Will Kerry bury her doubts about doing the job?

Also, Chrissie warns Robert to stay away from Lachlan, but he’s outraged by her threats. Robert convinces Aaron they need to fight the Whites.

Finally, Lachlan lashes out at Liv, while Chas and Marlon are both concerned over Paddy’s delusions of winning Rhona back.

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