04 Wednesday Eastenders

Linda and Whitney are horrified to discover Babe unconscious and she is quickly rushed to hospital. The next morning, Linda is determined to get to the bottom of what happened to Babe, so she confronts Claudette and demands to know why she was arguing with Babe yesterday. Patrick jumps to Claudette’s defence when it becomes clear that Linda is accusing her of being behind the attack.

Donna and Vincent are also suspicious of Claudette, but she once again denies having anything to do with what happened to Babe. With her family turning their backs on her once more, Claudette retaliates by telling Mick and Linda what Babe has been doing to Pam and Les.

Meanwhile, a nervous Roxy prepares to give evidence at Dean’s trial, but she tells Ronnie that she wants to face it on her own. Later, an upset Roxy tells Ronnie how it went in court.

Elsewhere, Denise and Kush continue to see each other in secret.

Also today, Carmel gets the market enforcement officer job.

Finally, Buster grows frustrated when Shirley refuses to open up about the trial.

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