Kim encourages Kush to go to The Albert’s ‘lock and key’ dating night, much to the amusement of Shakil.

Things quickly become awkward when Kush is matched with Carmel at the dating night. Frustrated that nothing good has come of the night, Carmel leaves.

Meanwhile, Babe continues to play games with the Carters and manages to work her way back into the kitchen at The Vic, much to Abi’s frustration. Despite Shirley’s warning, Mick is impressed by Babe’s polite attitude to Abi, so Linda offers her more shifts.

Later, Claudette tells Babe to stay away from the Cokers, but after her successful day in The Vic, she tells Claudette she is expecting the payments to continue.

Elsewhere, Patrick is invited for dinner at Dot’s, but he gets the wrong end of the stick.

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