05 Thursday Emmerdale 03

In court, Andy is outraged as he is led away.

Later, guilty Rakesh visits Andy in his cell and is sickened when Andy tells him that he can’t go to prison because Chrissie will crumble. What will Rakesh do?

Meanwhile, David is alarmed to learn that Frank wants to stay with his daughter and has sent her letters. Frank informs David that he’s in prison for assault and asks him to get his daughter to reply to him. Tracy is shocked and upset to learn that he’s been to see her dad. She is also unsettled to learn Frank is getting out and tells David he’s been played.

Elsewhere, as Ellie continues to torment Belle, Bailey urges her to get a doctor’s appointment – concerned she isn’t herself.

Also, Holly’s plan to reunite Cain and Moira fails.

Finally, Vanessa is confused by a call she gets.

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