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Cain is pushed to the edge over Moira and Charity in tonight’s first Emmerdale

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05 Thursday Emmerdale

James is shocked when Charity hints that she spent the night with Cain. Soon afterwards, Cain apologises to Moira and insists they’re right together. He’s on the point of winning her over when James interrupts, telling Moira how Cain stayed with Charity. Cain is furious and goes for James, especially when he realises James knew about the HIV scare before him.

Storming out, Cain smashes a car window. Spotting James, he then gets into the car. Charity sees his dangerous mood and tries to stop him, but he drives at her.

Meanwhile, Nicola is crushed when Dan tells her that he can’t do physio with her and she’s guilty to learn that Dan is cancelling things with Jimmy too.

Elsewhere, Joanie asks Belle to be a bridesmaid but Belle has no idea what to say and walks off, leaving Joanie hurt.

Also, Finn is upset when the choir cancel but he improvises a brilliant speech. Pete and Ross show up singing as a replacement choir.

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