02 Monday Eastenders

Whitney worries about what the Carters think of her following the news that she has chlamydia. At the same time, the pressure mounts for Abi when Babe overhears her talking to Lauren about how she gave Lee chlamydia.

Starting to realise that something is amiss, Whitney soon confronts Lee and Abi about really what’s going on. Will the truth about their one-night stand finally be revealed?

Meanwhile, Denise attends the opening of Belinda’s pop-up salon with Carmel and Kim, but she grows uncomfortable when the topic of Kush and his mystery woman comes up. Later, Denise confronts Kush over his feelings for her, but they are interrupted by Vincent who realises what’s going on.

Elsewhere, Andy starts his work helping Ronnie and plans to take the children to the zoo. At the same time, Roxy confides in Ronnie about how things didn’t work out with Andy. She refuses to reveal more, but Ronnie can tell there is more to the story. When Roxy shows Ronnie a letter that has arrived that morning, what does it say?

Also today, Shirley tells Kathy that Ben is missing, but Phil refuses to let the Beales get involved. As Kathy contemplates calling the police, Sharon arrives.

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