03 Tuesday Emmerdale

It’s Lachlan’s birthday, but he is still troubled after his humiliation yesterday. When Holly displays her photos, Chrissie is shocked to see Andy kissing Bernice in the background of one of them.

Back at Home Farm, Lawrence is shocked to find Lachlan waiting with a loaded shotgun and a manic glint in his eye. He orders Lawrence to text an apology to Chrissie. Lawrence obeys, but makes a grab for the gun. Outside, Chrissie hears the shot and comes running, aghast to find Lawrence collapsed on the floor…

Meanwhile, Bernice tells Andy that she’s going on the yoga retreat and wishes him every happiness with Chrissie. Andy waits for Chrissie at their picnic spot, but when he sees the ambulance heading for Home Farm, he realises something is terribly wrong.

Andy tries to comfort Chrissie at Home Farm, but she pulls away and gets into the ambulance with her dad. Later, when Andy is turned away by Lachlan at the hospital, he wonders what he has done wrong.

Elsewhere, Rhona offers to have April so Marlon can spend time with Carly, though he insists he doesn’t fancy her. When Carly and Harriet bully Marlon into attending Harriet’s self-defence class, Marlon invites Harriet for a date to throw the gossips off. After his date, Marlon feels awful to learn that today would have been Carly’s son’s birthday. He comforts Carly but as she meets his gaze, she leans in for a kiss.

Also today, Rakesh is tempted to tell Priya everything, but will he?

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