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Motorbike ASB operation continues in Gateshead

Police in Gateshead hold motorbike ASB day of action.

On Sunday , June 12, officers in Gateshead ran an operation aimed at identifying and stopping illegal off-road motor cycle riders in the area.

In the last month officers from across the borough have seen an increase in reports from the public about motorbikes being ridden anti-socially and causing problems for local residents.

The areas of concern were Sunniside, Marley Hill and the quarry in Byermoor with lots of people travelling to these rural areas to ride their motorbikes illegally on private land.

The purpose of the operation was to catch those responsible and put a stop to the problems.

They identified and turned away 35 motorbikes and riders from using the sites, the majority of which were children using bikes ranging from PW50s to 125cc quad bikes.

All of the individuals concerned were given warnings about ASB riding and riding on private land and their details were taken by officers, meaning that if caught again they will face enforcement action.

Officers also stopped three off-road motorbikes in Church Street Marley. The riders were checked over and two were perfectly legal to be driven on the road.

One rider wasn’t able to provide evidence of insurance and has 7 days to produce legitimate documents to police or face action.

Gateshead Neighbourhood Sergeant Paul Booth said: “This is just the start of lots of activity that we have planned at identified locations across Gateshead where illegal and anti-social motorbike riding is taking place.

“It should act as reassurance to local residents about how seriously we take the issue and also as a warning to offenders that we are taking action about it.

“Byermoor quarry and nearby land is private. It is not suitable or appropriate for off road motorbike use. It’s dangerous, damages the local area and causes a misery for people living in the area.

“The bikers are damaging private and public land, causing a noise disturbance to local people – day and night – and are putting people, especially children, who walk, live and spend time in these areas at risk of harm.

“We will continue to monitor the area and we will have officers carrying out high visibility patrols at key times. Anyone who is now on our radar and who is found back there will face action.”

Officers need the public’s help to stop off-road motorcycle ASB.

The public are asked to help by reporting illegal motorbikes being ridden straight away on the 101 number. By flagging the issue up while it’s happening means officers can respond immediately.

People are also asked to take down and pass onto police any descriptions of illegal motorcycles and their riders and we encourage riders to only use designated and approved sites within the local area.

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