03 Tuesday eastenders 01

The day of Bobby’s court hearing has arrived. Ian and Jane are hopeful when Ritchie explains that Bobby could be home by the end of the day if he pleads guilty.

Ian has support from Ben, who offers to take him to the hearing later. However, when Sharon hears about Bobby’s possible release, she is clearly shocked and gives Ian a harsh reality check – telling him that Bobby deserves to go to prison for what he did.

Kathy overhears Sharon’s comment and it sparks an argument between the two women. As the tension rises, Ian snaps and throws the dinner out of the back door in frustration.

Meanwhile, Belinda receives a letter from Neville which confirms that he is filing for divorce. Belinda asks to meet Neville so they can sort things between them, but she also turns to Mick for help by asking him to be by her side at the meeting. They try to negotiate a deal at the cafe, but Mick sees through Neville’s lies and takes matters into his own hands.

Elsewhere, Mick and Linda also take Ollie for his check-up, but Mick is getting increasingly frustrated over the lack of answers regarding his son and storms off. The Carters receive another shock when Sylvie arrives.

Also today, Bex assures Martin that nothing is going on with her and Shakil, but he later finds them together. With Martin angry, Bex snaps and tells him he better get used to it.

Finally, Steven tells Lauren that he’s sticking around for now, while Kim comes up with a way to distract Dot from her worries and enlists her to take part in the salsa show.

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