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Holly turns back to heroin and Cain is suspicious on tonight’s Emmerdale

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02 Monday Emmerdale 01

Holly looks after Kyle while Moira and Cain go to the gig, but she struggles against the urge for a fix. Eventually she gives in and retrieves the heroin wrap from the bin, heading for a barn and leaving Kyle alone.

When Holly returns to the house, she finds the door locked and has to break in. She thinks she has got away with it when she tells Cain and Moira that she was taking the bins out, but she is floored when Cain wants her to do a drug test.

Meanwhile, Ashley and Dan plan another poker night in the pirate ship, while Arthur tells Amelia and April about his plan to get rid of the ghosts. That night, Arthur, Amelia and April burst in on the poker game ‘Ghostbuster style’ – and Arthur’s dust-buster suckers onto Dan’s neck. Aprils takes photos as evidence and Jimmy offers to pay Amelia to keep quiet, but how will Dan explain his apparent ‘love mark’ to Kerry?

Elsewhere, Belle takes Lisa out to a nice restaurant to make up for the trouble she has caused, but when they get there, they find Doctor Bailey there with his wife.

Also today, Chrissie worries she has caused a rift between Lawrence and Bernice by finding Ronnie. Andy is gutted when Bernice wants them to keep out of each other’s lives.

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