05 Thursday Emmerdale 01

Finn, Pete and Ross are outraged to now know that Emma faked her illness and she is shocked when none of them object to her leaving. Emma leaves under a cloud.

Later, James is having doubts about Emma leaving and decides to reunite with her, leaving the boys stunned.

Meanwhile, Charity is shocked to find The Woolpack has been trashed in the night, but Chas stops her from phoning the police, suspecting that her PTSD is back. Chas panics and runs off, but Emma helps to get her to a mental health clinic. Later, Charity grudgingly admits that Emma came through, but is Emma as helpful as she thinks?

Elsewhere, the penny finally drops for Bernice when she finds out from Lisa that Ronnie is gay and sees Lawrence burning old love letters they once wrote. Having seen Ronnie. Bernice is furious that Lawrence even went through the sham of marrying her.

Also today, Moira is relieved when Holly passes another urine test. Holly seems determined to stay clean from drugs and Moira is starting to trust her again. Holly is also happy that Victoria has offered her a job.

Finally, Lisa is upset to get her divorce through, but she impresses Sam and Belle by swearing not to shed another tear for Zak.

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