04 Wednesday Corrie 01

The police call at Number 11 to question Todd. They suggest to him that perhaps he, Tony and Jason all conspired to kill Callum between them. Todd is shocked to realise he’s now in the frame for murder.

Eileen tentatively points out to Jason that Tony loved him very much and when he said he wanted revenge on Callum, perhaps he meant murder. With his guilt weighing heavily, Billy tells Todd that he’s considering telling the police the truth. Todd begs him to think twice, as in doing so, he’d destroy Sarah’s life.

Meanwhile, as Sean and Billy settle down to a cosy lunch in the Bistro, Billy gets a call from Todd telling him that he’s found Lee unconscious in the ginnel. Billy heads out clearly worried and Sean is fuming to find himself playing second fiddle yet again. Todd helps Billy with Lee and Billy’s anguish is evident. Todd tells him how sorry he is and gives him a comforting hug. Sean watches from a distance, stunned.

Elsewhere, Michelle laments to Eva that Steve can barely look at her, let alone talk to her. In the cab office, Steve confides in Tim how he can’t get thoughts of Michelle with Will out of his head. Michelle begs Steve to forgive her but Steve remains cold, telling her that he doesn’t want a wife he has to forgive. Hearing their row, Amy is upset and Steve comforts her.

Also today, when Craig admits that he’s hungover and he got the beer from Tim, Beth is furious. Beth tears a strip off Tim for allowing Craig to help himself to his home brew. When Beth threatens to tell Sally about the goings on at Number 4, Tim buys her silence with free beer. With Leanne gone, Robert is short-staffed and snaps at Andy, Steph and Zeedan.

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