03 Tuesday Eastenders

Paul encourages Les to take a stand over the blackmail problem. Taking this on board, Les visits Babe and warns that he’s prepared to go the police about her – even if it means the truth about Christine comes out. However, when Babe realises that Pam doesn’t know about Les calling her bluff, she retaliates by upping the payment demands.

Pam is devastated and still doesn’t want the truth to come out, which puts her marriage under strain. Soon afterwards, Claudette arrives and shows her support. Les admits that he misses Christine, so Claudette reveals that she still has some of her things. As a result, Les secretly decides to wear Christine’s clothes.

eventually agrees to talk to Kim about it after Donna makes a heartfelt plea. Unfortunately, the moment is lost when Carmel arrives to confront Kim about why she was banned from the salsa show, prompting a dance-off between the pair.

Vincent returns to Donna and tells her that he’s having doubts, but when Kim realises he is hiding something, it’s time for him to come clean…

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