02 Monday Eastenders

Donna is regretting her drunken actions from last night, but she confides in Pam that she really wants a baby. As talk turns to the current poor state of the market, Pam suggests that Donna should take over as the new market inspector.

When Vincent arrives, Donna tells him her news and drops another huge bombshell – she wants him to be the father of her baby.

Meanwhile, Ronnie is still worried about Roxy and takes her out for some drinks. Ronnie tries to talk to her about Andy, but Roxy refuses to open up. However, as Ronnie continues to offer advice, Roxy eventually comes round and messages Andy.

Elsewhere, Lauren is upset when she learns that Max has stopped her and Abi from visiting him. She seeks support from Kathy, who comforts her by pointing out that she’s part of the Beale family now. Lauren embraces this by helping out at the restaurant.

Also today, the residents get more than they bargained for at the salsa class when Kim reveals herself as the tutor. Pam quickly leaves when Babe arrives, and she then comes clean to Paul about the ongoing blackmail drama. Back at the community centre, Carmel clashes with Kim over her teaching methods.

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