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Cyclists urged not to let thieves take their bike for a ride

Cyclists in Sunderland are being urged not to let thieves take their bike for a ride and make sure they store bikes securely.

In the past 24 hours three bikes have been stolen in the west of the city. Addresses that were hit were in Hurstwood Road, Hadleigh Road and Fordfield Road.

And, police are reminding people to make sure they secure their bike in a secure shed or outbuilding – or if they don’t have one, in the house. Sheds and outbuildings should also be secure with good quality locks and ideally bikes should be chained to a secure post inside.

Enquiries are on-going into the bikes thefts and police are appealing for witnesses.

Local Neighbourhood Sergeant Ash Hopper said: “Thieves are jumping into gardens to steal bikes that have been left lying on the ground or against a wall and not chained to anything. People might think if the bike is in their garden it is safe but if is left lying on ghe ground to anything and it is easy to access the garden it is as at much risk of being stolen than if it is left in the street.

“We want to make sure our communities are protected as much as possible from thieves and are doing everything we can to target known criminals and catch those responsible but despite our best efforts there are still opportunist thieves who take a chance.

“It is really important that local residents work with us and make their property is as secure as as it can be to deter these opportunitists.”

For more crime prevention advice visit the Northumbria Police website www.northumbria.police.uk

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