01 Friday Emmerdale 02

The Dingles are shocked and concerned as they discuss what has been going on with Belle and Doctor Bailey. Tension mounts when Lisa snipes in front of Zak, claiming that Belle was probably looking for a decent father figure in someone.

Things get worse for Belle when Doctor Bailey’s wife Angie confronts her at the factory. What will Belle do now the news is out?

Meanwhile, Jacob is on edge to see David with Amba, worried to see she has got a cold. David eventually snaps at Jacob over his obsession with germs and infections. But why is David so upset?

Elsewhere, Chas invites DS Wise back to her plac after a relaxing date. Unbeknown to her, Aaron has fished a box of old photos out of the bin and left them out. Will this pour cold water on the promising date?

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