02 Monday Emerdale

Lawrence is furious when he finds Ronnie at Home Farm again. Bernice suggests they should tell Chrissie about Ronnie, but Lawrence snaps at the idea.

Lawrence is determined to sort things once and for all, but he begins to panic when Ronnie also suggests he should tell his family the truth.

Meanwhile, Laurel tells Nicola that it might be a good thing that Ashley has forgotten about the social worker’s visit. Seeing how much his daughter is struggling, Doug decides that Laurel deserves a night on the town with Nicola.

Elsewhere, Vanessa is unimpressed when Carly suggests Tracy can move into the spare room, but she later admits that she needs livening up and Tracy could help.

Also today, Sam is put out to see Jai’s flowers in the house, but Megan tries to reassure him that she’d never get back with Jai.

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