05 Thursday Emmerdale 01

Aaron is delighted when he receives his deed poll letter stating that he’s now officially a Dingle. Chas and Charity begin to plan a Dingle family party to celebrate, but Liv and Robert are left feeling awkward as they’re excluded from the family celebrations.

Later, Aaron is furious to learn about the letter from Gordon and confronts Robert. But there’s more heartache still to come for troubled Aaron when DS Wise arrives with shocking news…

Meanwhile, Ross is concerned when Finn and Pete tell him about Emma’s health problems. Emma, Finn and Pete wait to be called into the doctor’s surgery. Finn is still suspicious of whether Emma is telling the truth, but she feigns confidence as Dr Bailey calls them through.

Elsewhere, Rhona is encouraging towards Pierce as he’s nervous about a job interview. Carly clearly fancies Pierce and is chuffed when he compliments her. Is Rhona jealous when Carly questions whether he is available?

Also, Belle has a go at Holly for telling Cain about her married man, while Jimmy and Nicola challenge each other to find Jai a date.

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