03 Tuesday Eastenders

When Aunt Sal and Phil arrive looking for Peggy, Ronnie denies that she has seen her. Sal is unconvinced by her lies and urges her to be honest, so Peggy eventually reveals herself to her sister.

Later on, Ronnie takes Peggy to her appointment and they learn some devastating news – the cancer has spread and Peggy doesn’t have long left.

Meanwhile, the Carters are in shock after what happened yesterday, with Johnny particularly worried about the future of his law career if Belinda reports them to the police. Surprisingly, Belinda turns up and invites Linda and Mick for dinner and even says they can use her hot tub. Belinda promises that last night’s incident is already forgotten.

Mick and Linda head to Belinda’s for the sake of Johnny, but things soon take an unexpected turn.

Elsewhere, Sonia puts on a brave face ahead of her appointment with the doctor but insists on going alone. Bex seeks advice from Stacey, who joins Sonia for the appointment.

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