02 Monday Emmerdale

Holly agrees to find out about Belle’s boyfriend for Cain and is happy to have a chance to impress him.

Belle tells Holly that her boyfriend is married and she’s seeing him tonight. Holly passes this information back to Cain, but will he jump to the wrong conclusion once again?

Meanwhile, Carly struggles to deal with a clearly-confused customer in the shop, but Ashley recognises him as a fellow dementia sufferer and steps in to take charge. Realising he must be attending the dementia support group, Ashley helps him to the village hall.

Elsewhere, David is out of hospital but is feeling sorry for himself. Will he change his attitude?

Also today, Emma convinces Pete that they don’t need to tell anyone else about her ‘tests’ yet, Robert is frustrated that Liv’s unruly behaviour is getting in the way of him seeing Aaron, while Lisa confronts Belle about the morning after pill but is frustrated when she insists her love life is her business.

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