01 Friday Emmerdale

Holly is curious when she hears about Pete and Moira, but she regrets meddling when Cain finds Pete in the house and hits him. Emma is shocked when a bloodied Pete walks in and vows to go to scotland tomorrow, but he’s moved when Finn insists he’s going with him.

A reeling Emma comes up with a plan to keep her boys close and tells them she could have motor neurone disease. Will her plan work?

Meanwhile, Lawrence is distraught to have lost Chrissie’s trust when she asks him to look at his will, as she is worried for her and Lachlan’s future. Chrissie admits to Andy that she’s being petulant over Lawrence and admits she loves him.

Elsewhere, Charity is horrified when Belle tells her that she might be pregnant and is adamant she take her for the morning after pill. Charity drops Belle back off in the village, where Cain sees her with Rakesh. Belle goes up to bed feeling sick and Lisa is horrified to find her emergency contraception.

Also today, Ashley is unimpressed when Harriet tells him about the dementia support group, but Laurel feels he needs the support.

Finally, Jacob is relieved when Emma agrees to have a chat with him about his worries for David’s cancer.

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