04 Wednesday Emmerdale

Robert is shocked when Lawrence tells him that he’ll be working with Charity but doesn’t need him anymore. They shake on a divorce settlement, but Charity and Robert have bigger plans for the use of the money.

Later, Chrissie tells Lawrence she wants a Dna sample, but Lawrence has some shocking news for Chrissie…

Meanwhile, Pollard is horrified that Jacob has booked a flight using his credit card. Tracy feels guilty as she tries to explain that she was attempting to use reverse psychology. Pollard is about to call David when Jacob enters. Will he finally agree to see David?

Elsewhere, Aaron is struggling to manage his wayward sister when the police arrive saying she has been caught shoplifting.

Also today, Emma suggests that Finn should get Ross on board with his business idea but he’s not very enthusiastic. Ross assures Finn that he won’t let him down, but Finn is still apprehensive.

Finally, Ashley tells Laurel that Edna wanted him to do her funeral, while Nicola is put out to learn that Robert has bought Charity’s share of the company – but Jimmy thinks it might be a good thing with all the cash he’s bringing with him.

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