03 Tuesday Emmerdale

Harriet and Sandy are left devastated when Ashley and Laurel arrive home with Tootsie and some sad news – Edna has died.

Sandy is angry when Ashley explains about Edna’s illness and how she wanted it to stay private. Sandy blames Ashley for not allowing him to say goodbye to Edna one last time.

Meanwhile, a desperate Bernice asks Robert for further help at Home Farm and he enlists Charity. Andy and Chrissie can’t believe it when they arrive home from spain to find Robert and Charity working at Home Farm. Lawrence and Chrissie are furious, but Robert is intrigued by Charity’s proposal to get him involved in Home Farm.

Elsewhere, Chrissie remains determined to find out who her real father is and tells Andy that she’s going to organise a Dna test.

Also today, Tracy catches Jacob on the laptop with Pollard’s credit card and he tells her that he’s returning to Portugal. Tracy double bluffs Jacob and tells him to go – if he doesn’t mind hurting people.

Finally, Pollard suggests that Priya should go to the hospital with David, while Chas orders Aaron to talk to Liv when she finds the troublesome teen going through her stuff.

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