02 Monday Emmerdale

With David still in hospital, Leyla tries to make excuses to Jacob for why he might not be at his football match later. Not long afterwards, Pollard arrives at the hospital and wonders where David is as his bed is empty. The nurse hurries out and is concerned when they both notice his clothes have gone.

Later, Leyla is shocked to see David arrive back at the shop, but Jacob is delighted. Will David really be able to keep his operation from Jacob?

Meanwhile, Ashley receives a call from the hospital to inform him that Edna has passed away. He covers to Arthur and Sandy, but he’s clearly burdened by his secret.

Elsewhere, Aaron assures a grateful Liv that he’s not going anywhere and she can always rely on him.

Also today, a struggling Nicola asks Robert to help out at Home Farm and Bernice dares to hope it might be a good idea.

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