05 Thursday Eastenders

Tina and Soph sleep together but both agree that it was a one-off, vowing to make a go of things with their current partners instead. At the same time, Sonia confides in Mick by revealing that she thinks it’s over between her and Tina.

Later, Mick is disappointed when Tina tells him that she slept with someone else and still doesn’t know what to do about her future with Sonia. Tina admits things have been tough between them for a while, which sparks a debate among the Carters about what should happen next. What will Tina decide?

Meanwhile, Ian finally tells everyone that he has sold the restaurant to a supermarket chain. The local residents fear for the future of the market and decide to boycott all of the Beale family’s businesses, but can Kathy convince them to back down?

Elsewhere, Stacey is suspicious when she sees Andy going into Number 5 late at night.

Also today, Ben is disheartened when Pam continues to shun him. Les eventually convinces Pam that Ben deserves a second chance for Paul’s sake.

Finally, Donna wonders if Claudette will show up to collect her award.

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