04 Wednesday Eastenders

Denise is left horrified over her passion with Phil the night before. When Patrick shows her a letter from Libby, she goes to support her at the clinic and they finally make amends. Denise is also relieved when she realises that Phil has no memory of what happened between them, but there could be more trouble to come as Libby points out that Denise’s necklace is missing.

After an emotional goodbye to Libby, Denise comes up with a plan to get her necklace back and pays a visit to Louise. Will she be able to sneakily snatch the necklace back without anyone realising what happened?

Meanwhile, Jack is roped in to host the Pride of Walford Awards. Ian wants the night to be perfect so that Beales’ can go out with a bang. Tina is hoping for a romantic night at the event, but Sonia thwarts her plans by revealing that she’s taking Bex instead. Not backing down easily, Tina steps in to help when she learns that Ian is short-staffed for the ceremony. Kyle’s friend Soph also offers to help Ian when she pays a visit to the Square.

Despite the fact that she’s supposed to be working at the event, Tina sneakily drinks some booze and things quickly spiral out of control when Sonia and her friends win an award. A nervous Sonia is hoping to avoid the limelight, but Tina grabs the mic to praise her girlfriend and ends up publicly embarrassing her. Following a heated argument with Sonia, Tina ends up in the arms of Soph…

Elsewhere, Kathy realises that Ian is struggling to let Beales’ go following the success of the event. She encourages him to tell everyone the truth about the supermarket deal – or she’ll do it for him.

Also today, Tom the paramedic flirts with Johnny. It’s clear that Johnny’s mind is elsewhere, but Tom still gives him his number.

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