01 Friday Eastenders

Nancy isn’t happy over Masood’s latest bombshell and urges Tamwar to tell his dad that they want to do this alone. Before Tamwar can do anything, they overhear Mick telling Masood not to go. When Nancy hears Masood’s reasoning, she tells him that they want him to come.

Knowing that Nancy is covering her true feelings, Mick and Linda come up with an idea. Will it be enough to convince Masood to let them travel alone?

Meanwhile, Denise gets revenge on Louise for stealing the wine, but what does she have planned? Later, Denise receives another surprise and it’s not long before Louise retaliates with her own revenge plans.

Elsewhere, Buster rounds up a men’s team to challenge the ladies at darts, but gets more than he bargained for when Shirley has a secret weapon.

Also today, Andy offers a helping hand to Martin.

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