05 Thursday Eastenders 01

Nancy is disappointed when Tamwar tells her that he won’t be able to join her for a few weeks. Mick realises there is something going on and Tamwar has to tell him about his change of plans. Despite Mick and Linda’s concerns about her travelling alone, Nancy stands her ground and says a tearful goodbye to Ollie.

Later, Masood tells Tamwar that he should go ahead with his original plans as he’ll be fine without him. As Nancy and Tamwar celebrate, Masood throws yet another spanner in the works when he arrives with three Round-the-World plane tickets – including one for himself.

Meanwhile, Phil orders Jay to keep an eye on Louise, but she takes advantage of the situation and sneaks away to steal a bottle of wine in the Minute Mart. A fuming Phil arrives to collect Louise, but with Denise doubtful that she will be punished, she decides to call the police.

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