02 Monday Corrie 02

Billy comforts Sarah in the vestry and assures her that Harry is a beautiful baby and she mustn’t let thoughts of his father spoil that. Sarah returns to the font and after apologising to the congregation for her wobble, the christening goes ahead.

Later, the guests gather at the bistro for Harry and Gail’s joint christening and birthday party. When Nick loses his temper over something small, David covers for him. Sally presents Gail with a birthday cake emblazoned with the words ‘Gail no nuts’ and Audrey makes a touching speech. However, Nick confides in David that the symptoms from his brain injury have returned and he’s worried it could destroy his relationship with Carla.

Meanwhile, Jenny puts in a good word for Izzy and begs Johnny to be lenient with her as she suffers from such a painful condition. Izzy assures Johnny that she never takes drugs before or at work and has no criminal convictions. Johnny promises her that her job is safe and Izzy shares her good news with Gary.

Elsewhere, Will calls at The Rovers. After explaining that Saskia has invited another 50 guests to the wedding, he persuades Michelle to accompany him to the reception venue to discuss it with the manager.

Also, Freddie amuses Audrey with his dry sense of humour but Ken finds him increasingly annoying, Sophie is disappointed to realise Kate is clearly still in love with Caz, while Luke and Maria break the news to Tyrone and Fiz that they’ll be moving in together.

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