02 Tuesday Eastenders

​Linda is disappointed when Johnny reveals that he’s only back home for a few days. She is also anxious about the fact that Johnny still doesn’t know about everything that happened with Dean when he was away. Mick encourages her to tell him the truth sooner rather than later.

After an incident with the karaoke, Johnny realises that all is not well with Linda. He decides to open up about his own troubles, revealing that he has split with Gianluca. Linda realises Johnny needs to know the truth and finally tells him about Dean’s attack.

Meanwhile, Abi finds herself at the end of Phil and Ben’s wrath following the revelation that she lied about being pregnant. At home, Louise and Jay talk about what’s happened and she goes to kiss him. Soon afterwards, Jay gets tough with Ben by reminding him that everything only happened because Ben won’t admit the truth about being gay.

Elsewhere, when Masood continues to ignore Carmel, she makes a show of apologising to him in front of everyone in The Vic. Her efforts don’t have much success, as Masood later shares some harsh words with her once they’re alone. Carmel tries to remind him that this is about Stacey and everything that happened, not them.

Also today, Stacey decides to invite Belinda, Jean and Ollie out for lunch the next day.

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