01 Monday Eastenders

When Louise continues to blackmail her, Abi grows desperate and offers her money in exchange for her silence. Louise turns down the deal, so Babe suggests to Abi that it may be time to get in there first and tell Ben the truth. When Abi heads home, it’s not long before the truth comes out and Abi is exposed as a liar. But how is the secret revealed and how will Ben react?

Later, Abi finds a drunken Ben confronting Louise over the stolen credit card. Once they’re alone, Abi is relieved when Ben begins to kiss her and removes her clothes, but things take a sudden turn when he drags her out into the bar and reveals her secret to everyone in The Vic.

Meanwhile, Mick and Sharon decide to host a karaoke night at The Vic to cheer up Linda, but Mick has another idea up his sleeve and makes a call. Linda agrees to let her hair down, but Ben’s public revelation about Abi looks set to put a dampener on the event. As everyone reels from Abi’s deception, there’s another surprise in store when Johnny returns.

Elsewhere, Stacey attempts to get back to normal. After an awkward run-in with Masood, she builds bridges with Carmel who promises to talk to Masood.

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