03 Tuesday Eastenders

Ben panics when he sees Phil’s credit card statement, but Abi quickly realises that Louise is responsible. With Babe by her side, Abi confronts Louise and demands that she returns the items.

Not long afterwards, events take another turn for Abi when she falls out with Babe. Hitting out in response, Babe takes drastic action and posts a letter to Ben. Abi soon apologises to Babe, who confesses to what she’s done. As Abi panics, Louise arrives with the letter and reveals that she knows the truth.

Meanwhile, Sharon is taken aback when Ronnie invites herself along to a house auction for Number 5. They find themselves in an out-of-control bidding war with a mystery phone buyer, who eventually wins. Ronnie suggests that Sharon should come to live with her, but they are interrupted when they learn who bought the house.

Later, Jack returns to the Square and notices that Ronnie is in a strange mood. He reminds Sharon that it’s the anniversary of Danielle’s death. After a heart-to-heart with Sharon, Ronnie lays flowers for Danielle and makes a fresh start with Jack – but they’re being watched.

Elsewhere, Nancy is annoyed when Tamwar punishes Kush for recent events. Tamwar later has a change of heart and calls Carmel to come and help her son get his life back on track.

Also today, Stacey is overwhelmed to hear she is being formally discharged later in the week.

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