01 Monday Emmerdale

Liv feels guilty when she overhears Aaron telling Chas they can trust her. She tells Gordon that she believes Aaron and doesn’t want to help him anymore. Gordon becomes dark and snaps at Liv.

When Liv returns home upset, she drops herself in it when she mentions Ryan. Aaron is furious when he realises that Liv has been spying on them for Gordon, but his anger turns to worry when Liv runs away. Aaron bravely goes to confront Gordon, but what will Liv do with her recording?

Meanwhile, Chrissie thinks Bernice is jealous of her fling with Andy, but Bernice agrees to stay quiet about the fling. Bernice finds Andy’s watch and tells Lawrence that it’s Robert’s, but will her secrecy backfire?

Elsewhere, Holly nags Cain to teach her how to throw a punch, but she accidentally punches him in the face. She enjoys having banter with Cain and Moira is delighted that Holly has decided to stay. But why is she staying?

Also today, Gabby tries to go along to a gig with Lachlan but is refused by Laurel and Ashley, while Lisa thinks Joanie is getting preferential treatment at work.

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