06 Friday Emmerdale

Aaron decides Liv is going to stay with him, but she is conflicted when she gets a text from Gordon. They meet and Gordon manipulates information from her, before she agrees to find him further proof.

Later, Robert is unnerved by Liv’s questions. As Robert explains his worries to Aaron, Liv secretly listens in, recording the conversation. Will Robert let slip about Ryan?

Meanwhile, Moira is still incredulous that Holly never told her at the time she had relapsed. Holly explains how she got clean again and promises not to let Moira down, but can she stay true to her word?

Elsewhere, Kerry can’t wait to see her April Fool’s Day prank on Dan play out, but she’s horrified when she sees Cain punching Dan and Dan quits his job. Has her prank backfired?

Also today, Andy and Chrissie panic when they hear Bernice coming, just after they’ve slept together. Andy hides under a desk, but everyone is mortified when Bernice finds him in just his underwear. Is the cat out of the bag?

Finally, Belle tells Priya she’s met someone and mentions he’s older than her. She plays down the actual age difference, so Priya tells her to go on a date and have fun.

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