06 Friday Eastenders

Mick and Linda are determined to get answers about Ollie, so they visit the doctor. Later, Linda also goes to see Honey and apologises for her earlier behaviour. The pair have a heart-to-heart about their children and Linda realises they can get through this if they stick together as a family.

Back home, Linda tells Mick that he has to forgive Nancy and calls a family meeting. Will Mick finally set aside his differences with his daughter?

Meanwhile, Shirley and Buster go for a meal, but the subject of Phil soon comes up and Shirley storms out. Kathy oversees the commotion and talks to Buster about Phil and Shirley, but does Buster have other ideas in mind?

Elsewhere, despite Kim’s pleas, Denise goes to visit Jordan.

Also today, Tina and Sonia clash when a drunken Tina embarrasses Bex at her first gig.

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