04 Wednesday Emmerdale

Leyla catches David trying to take a photo down his trousers.

Backed into a corner, David admits that the doctor has found a lump and she’s floored when he tells her it could be cancer.

Meanwhile, Belle tries to scupper Rishi’s plans to buy the Dingles’ as she shows him round the house, pointing out false concerns including various graves in the garden. When Lisa realises what she’s up to, she makes it clear to her daughter how selfish she is being – already grumpy after receiving her decree nisi through the post. Back at the factory, Joanie advises Belle that she needs to grow up as Lisa needs her support.

Elsewhere, Cain catches Holly taking money from a customer and demands she hands it over. She’s thwarted when he says that he knows about Dean wanting more cash and warns her that she needs him and her mum onside. At the same time, Charity is surprised when Moira has a proposal for her.

Also today, Harriet toys with the idea of taking over from Ashley as vicar.

Finally, Jacob is pleased to see Tracy is deflated when he tells her that his mum will be visiting for his birthday.

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