02 Tuesday Emmerdale

David is concerned that Pollard might have prostate cancer after looking into his symptoms. Pollard agrees to go to the doctors, but only if David will get himself checked out too.

Later, when both men go ahead with their appointments, Doctor Bailey also encourages David to get checked over while he’s there.

Meanwhile, Moira tells Holly that she’ll be working at the garage to pay back her debts. Later, Moira confides in Adam that Holly has been taking drugs again and she’s had to pay off her dealer. Moira is determined to keep her daughter safe this time, but is that really the end of it?

Elsewhere, Laurel accepts when Ashley assures her that he’s made the right decision. Harriet is more worried about the situation when Ashley goes to call the bishop.

Also today, Victoria is excited when Megan says she’ll sort out an agreement with her street food business, Rishi tells Lisa that he’d like to look at the house as he’s interested in the land, while Leyla reassures Jacob that Tracy fancying David is nothing to worry about.

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