01 Friday Eastenders

Abi has suffered a fall at the Queen Vic and Aunt Babe has a plan to use it to their advantage. Not long afterwards, Kathy arrives to tell Ben that Abi has been to hospital after what happened.

Later at The Vic, a guilty Abi tells a heartbroken Ben that she has lost the baby, but she is later upset to see him being comforted by Paul. Has Abi lost Ben despite her best efforts?

Meanwhile, Ben is also trying to help Phil following his latest drunken behaviour, but they’re interrupted when Louise arrives to see her dad. Ben sends Louise away as Phil is in no fit state to see her. He then turns to Ronnie for help and claims that Phil isn’t capable of looking after the businesses with his current problems.

When Ben and Ronnie get Ritchie on board and try to talk to Phil, he reacts badly by kicking everyone out of his house and declaring that nobody is taking over his businesses. Later, after the heartbreaking news about the baby, Ben approaches a drunken Phil while he’s asleep on the sofa. Clutching a pillow, will Ben do the unthinkable?

Meanwhile, still feeling unwelcome at The Vic, Nancy heads to the Masood house to rest. Worried for Nancy, Tamwar stands up for her to Mick – telling him that she needs her dad.

Elsewhere, Kush decides that Arthur is better off without him, so he tells Stacey and Martin that he doesn’t want to be in the baby’s life after all.

Also today, Kyle is roped in to help cook at The Vic as Babe and Abi are out. When Kyle manages to impress, Ian offers him the chance to cook at the half-marathon party.


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