Vanessa is shocked when Nicola tells her about Paddy and Tess’s affair. When Rita the social worker arrives, Vanessa is further shocked to realise that Rhona is still going through with the adoption. She’s surprised to learn the extent of Paddy’s affair and can’t understand why Rhona would carry on as normal.

Later, Rhona tells Paddy that Rita is coming round and she wants them to present a united front. But can they really paper over what has happened?

Meanwhile, Moira and Cain argue about Charity using the barn to hide her stuff.

Elsewhere, Val’s headstone arrives at the graveyard and everyone is taken aback by how big it is. Tracy tries to stall the driver as an AWOL Pollard is still not there.

Also, Belle asks for a full-time job at the factory and clearly has a plan in mind.

Finally, Chrissie confides in Andy about how she fears Robert will take her for everything he can get in their divorce settlement meeting, while Nicola and Jimmy try to persuade Charity not to sell her share of the business.

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