Surprise Surprise is hosted by Holly Willoughby, who rewards the country’s most extraordinary people with spectacular surprises.


This Christmas special, to air on Boxing Day night, will feature a number of emotional surprises and a dramatic family reunion, as Holly celebrates those who do so much for others and expect nothing in return.

On the show, international and multi award winning boy band One Direction give two deserving sisters a surprise of a lifetime.

Eve Hooley, 42 from Newcastle, is nominating her daughters Rachel Hooley, 11 and Kate Hooley, 15 for their bravery and support.

Kate was just 11 when in January 2012 out of the blue her sister Rachel approaching her 8th birthday became seriously ill. Rachel sadly experienced a complete heart failure and was on a life support machine with her life hanging in the balance.  Rachel’s only hope of pulling through was to receive a heart transplant. Her older sister Kate was by her sister’s side every minute she was able and was the rock of the family.

Incredibly a suitable heart had become available and luckily Rachel’s body responded well. With the daily encouragement and support from her big sister, Rachel pushed herself to surpass all recovery expectations.


Her family have never forgotten the donor, their families’ loss and the importance of organ donation. So much so that Rachel and Kate now do everything they can to raise money and awareness of organ donation.


Also on tonight’s show, rower and double Olympic gold medallist James Cracknell surprises an unbelievable and heroic ex -serviceman.


Bronwyn Royce, 53 from south africa is nominating her son Cayle Royce, 29 for his amazing bravery and determination against all odds.


Cayle was born in south africa but in 2006 he moved to England and fulfilled his dream of joining the British Armed Forces.

In 2012 Cayle was deployed in Afghanistan on a mission with the Brigade Reconnaissance Force when his life changed. His brigade were tasked with searching Helmond Province for Taliban compounds when they were ambushed. On their escape, Cayle stood on a land mine. More horrifying still, the land mine was intended for vehicles rather than humans and on impact lost both legs, most of his fingers on his left hand and severely injured his face, he bruised his lungs and heart and broke his neck in three places. He fought for his life, and after coming out of a 48-day coma, astonishingly he survived.

Cayle defied all the odds and has gone on to do extraordinary things. He has since gone on to row the Atlantic, hand cycle across America, and para-trike across both Kenya and America, raising awareness and money for charity. This Christmas he will embark on the first all disabled row across the Atlantic.

Also on the show is an emotional family reunion and a couple get a thank you from their community.

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