Leyla tells Jai how Nikhil branded her a gold digger. Megan is grateful when Nikhil offers to take her to the hospital. Jai sees them together and berates Nikhil for what he said to Leyla.

Later, Nikhil apologises to Leyla and she agrees to forgive him for David’s sake. However, Priya is suspicious when he grows flustered trying to cover where he’s been with Megan today.

Meanwhile, Tess is taken aback when Paddy tells her about his and Rhona’s adoption meeting, but she also has news of her own.

Elsewhere, Pollard is taken aback to see David sleeping in a tent outside, but Pollard still has no intention of leaving his self-imposed prison. David decides to get professional help but is left devastated when Dr Cavanagh can’t help. David clings to one final bit of hope and vows to get Val’s ring back.

Also today, Ashley presents Bob with pantomime tickets for the twins as a gift, thanking him for keeping his secret. Bob reminds Ashley that Harriet will understand too, but Ashley is still not ready to find out.

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