Pollard is horrified to see his shrine to Val wrecked. He also discovers that her engagement ring has been stolen. Pollard rages at David, thinking he’s responsible. David is heartbroken as Pollard boards up his house, vowing that nobody will touch anything of Val’s ever again.

Later, Gabby challenges Lachlan over Val’s engagement ring and threatens to tell the police, but can he tempt her to keep quiet?

Meanwhile, Jai is unfazed as Nikhil, Priya and Rishi tackle him over stealing their customers. Leyla rejects Jai’s offer of a drink, but Nikhil is angered to see the closeness between them and upsets her, leaving him feeling guilty.

Elsewhere, despite feeling guilty for sleeping with Tess again, Paddy is saddened when she suggests it can’t happen anymore. Unable to get Tess out of his mind, he texts her but is left wondering if he’s done the right thing.

Also, Amelia and Dan put on eye patches in sympathy for Kerry.

Finally, Robert is pleased when Emma confirms to a shocked Doug that Chas does have PTSD. Doug is grateful as Zak accepts his apology.

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