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Jekyll and Hyde

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Following on from the battle, Robert and Max don’t know whom to trust, Robert and Max follow the only lead available: distant Jekyll relatives living in the remote countryside.


However, when they call on the Jezequiel family they are less than welcome, they are warned of a black dog by the local pub landlord which is a local legend. Their host, the widow Renata seems distant and unwelcoming. She comes and goes late at night and wears no shoes, but in spite of these idiosyncrasies Max takes a shine to her. That is, until a spate of disappearances and livestock deaths point to the local legend of a fearsome black dog stalking the countryside.

Robert’s medication is making him erratic and he soon gets it into his head that Renata’s dead husband and missing son Brant may have been killed. The question is how and why? As they investigate further they uncover a family chapel that brings lots of unanswered questions. Robert suspects that Renata is behind all of the questions and assumes she is part of Tenebrae. Robert and Max capture Renata and Robert goes to search the chapel for the portal. While Max guards Renata he declares himself smitten.

Have Robert and Max jumped to the correct conclusions about Renata?

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