In  tonight’s episode, Paul meets with two elderly sisters, Lady and Gemma. This pair of Cavalier King Charles Spaniels have spent their entire lives in each other’s company, but will they be able to find a new home together?  Things then take a turn for the worse when the vets realise it’s not just a new home the ladies need, but new ears as well!  Will they get through the big ops and eventually find the retirement they deserve?

Next up, Paul’s greeted by an emaciated mongrel called Hector.  Eight kilos underweight, his hat-rack frame means he has to be handled with extreme care in case his bones break. There’s also a complication in fattening him up, because his stomach has got so small it would be dangerous if he started scoffing down his meals.  But how can you stop hungry Hector from guzzling his grub?

Finally Paul meets Baloo, a beautiful Alaskan Malamute, who’s Battersea’s current longest resident.  This breed of dog are particularly affectionate, social creatures and not suited to life in kennels, so mopey Baloo has got the big-time blues. However, Paul has a mission in mind that might just cheer this big dog up.  Will a change of scene give Baloo the lift he needs to liven his mood and help him find a new home?

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