In Monday´s Emmerdale, Carly’s dismayed to find the shop flooded, her panic rising even more when she tells Bob she forgot to insure the shop. When Brenda complains the builder hasn’t turned up to start work on Gennie’s memorial playground, despite the fact she’s already taken the money out of the bank, Bob listens and starts to eye up the cash. Elsewhere, desperate for money Carly blackmails Val, demanding money or she will tell Eric about the fraudulent loan, but Val refuses. Will desperate times call for desperate measures?

At the factory Megan tries to get involved with work, Jai snaps at her but Rishi has her back. She arranges to meet with Leyla, knowing Jai was on his way to see her, enjoying ruining their plans. Later, Jai confides in Megan it’d be better for them if Rachel was out of a job, and whilst she feigns agreement she is seriously concerned. Can the two women out smart Jai?

Ross offers to help a stressed Debbie forget about her worries, but fighting her conscience she walks away. Meanwhile, Pete worries about her lack of interest in the wedding. Later on, Ross and Debbie kiss, arranging to meet up at Dale View, but their plans are ruined when Pete tells guilty Debbie he’s taking her away for the night. Can Ross contain his jealousy?

Paddy prepares to euthanize Hamish but Zak worries when Belle insists on being there for his last moments. Afterwards, Belle reassures them she is okay. Lawrence fumes at Robert for gifting Moira with a grain auger, but will Robert win him round when he explains it’s a good PR stunt?

In our first visit to Coronation Street, as David and Kylie make an effort to appear the perfect family unit, Callum watches on, both jealous and annoyed. While Kylie gets ready for her drug therapy session, Gemma feigns an emergency Gemma and lures Kylie round to Callum’s flat. As David frets, wondering where Kylie’s got to and worried she’s going to miss her therapy session, Audrey reckons she’s back on the drugs. Callum shows Kylie round his flat, pointing out the fabulous bedroom he’s had kitted out especially for Max. Callum puts pressure on Kylie, telling her that she, Max and Lily should move in with him and they could be a proper family. Will Kylie succumb?

When Simon opens his birthday presents, he’s disappointed that the trainers aren’t the ones he wanted. Leanne’s hurt and promises to change them. Meanwhile when Leanne threatens to tell Liz the truth about Dan, he advises her to keep her mouth shut or in turn he’ll tell Simon that she used to work as a prostitute.

In preparation for Deirdre’s return and her 60th birthday, Ken takes delivery of a new oven. But when Liz suggests a surprise birthday party in the Rovers will Ken go for it?

Roy arrives at Cathy’s bearing bin bags hoping to persuade her to start decluttering the house. Will Cathy thank Roy for his help?

When we return, Kylie tells Callum what she thinks of his proposition, does he still have a hold over her? Back at the Platts, Kylie tells David about Callum’s proposition. David’s scathing, his distrust in Kylie resurfacing. Deeply upset, Kylie packs her things and tells David if he can’t learn to trust her there’s no point in continuing with their charade. Will she head back into Callum’s arms or will David finally find it in his heart to forgive his wife and give their marriage another go? Meanwhile pushing thoughts of Kylie to one side, Callum spends the evening spoiling Sarah and tells her there’s no one he’d rather be with. Sarah’s thrilled, unaware that she’s second best.

Angry at finding herself blackmailed, Leanne has little choice but to agree to Dan’s request to keep quiet. Meanwhile Simon’s disappointed when Ken presents him with a computer game he’s already got, until Carla gives him the trainers he actually wanted. Simon then refuses to go for a birthday tea with Leanne, telling her that she’s a useless mum and he hates her, before heading into his room. Leanne’s shocked, frightened of what Simon is turning into.

Can Roy make Cathy accept that her hoarding is out of hand and she has a problem? Carla advises him to leave well alone but Roy is determined to help his friend.

Carla amuses herself in the café by online gambling. Excited at the prospect of Deirdre’s return, Ken writes her a birthday card.

06 Mon - Eastenders - Stacey is shocked

In Eastenders, Stacey reacts badly when Jean reveals that she is getting married to Ollie tomorrow, questioning her mum about whether she has been taking her medication. Unhappy with this, Jean rushes off and confides in Shirley, who encourages her to try again with Stacey. Soon afterwards, Jean and Shirley interrupt just as Stacey is talking to Martin about her own illness.

Stacey is now feeling guilty for the earlier row and apologises to Jean. They end up going shopping so that Stacey and Lily can get new dresses for the wedding. Once they’re back at home, Jean panics when she spots the key around Stacey’s neck. When Jean suddenly leaves, Stacey admits to Martin that she is more determined than ever to find out what the key opens.

Meanwhile, Tamwar is concerned about Nancy’s seizures and encourages her to be honest with him. When she opens up about how stressed she is, Tamwar invites her to stay at the Masood house for a while. Nancy shares this news with Lee, but doesn’t get the reaction she was expecting when her brother storms off. Nancy is curious over his strange behaviour and suspects that Lee is hiding something.

Elsewhere, as Carol sets to work on helping Max get his life on track, she discovers that he is behind on his mortgage payments. With Max clearly struggling, Carol suggests that he should move in with her and rent out his house – but Sonia isn’t happy about not being included in the decision. Later, Carol and Max reminisce over their teenage years and decide to take a risk by going out for a ride on their dad’s old motorbike.

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