In Tuesday´s Emmerdale, Emma warns Ross that Debbie will only manipulate him and Pete, but he storms out, heading to the garage where he and Debbie find a stolen car left by Charlie. Ross frantically tries to get rid of it before the police arrive. Meanwhile, Emma stirs to Pete about Ross and Debbie. Later, Pete jealously watches Debbie and Ross together, and asks Debbie if she’s sleeping with Ross. Debbie does her best to deflect his jealousy as Peter heads off to find Ross but on not finding him instead tries to frame his brother for stealing. As Pete waits for the consequences to blow up in Ross’s face, he tells Debbie that Ross will get what’s coming to him.

Knowing why Victoria has left Aaron covers to Moira over their departure. Later, Andy covers to Moira and Diane when they are fretting about Victoria and Adam having gone. Robert insists they need to contain the situation before people find out Victoria has run away, as she’s in the frame over Ashley. Robert finds Victoria and Adam’s phones at the scrapyard. Later, Robert tells Andy he has sent a message to Diane on their behalf, in the hope of assuaging her worry, while a troubled Harriet overhears their exchange. Harriet is soon thrown when Robert employs her to track down Victoria and to name her price for the work.

Bernice continues to lie to Tracy and Jimmy about fictional boyfriend ‘Crispin’. But Tracy smells a rat and decide to play Bernice over it.

In Eastenders, Ronnie is more paranoid about Roxy and Charlie than ever. She turns to Vincent for help, but asks him to leave after having second thoughts. When Ronnie tries to find out exactly what they’ve been up to, she is devastated by what she finds out. At the same time, Charlie goes for a coffee with Roxy and explains that he wants his marriage to work.

09 Tue - Eastenders - Ronnie Finds a Receipt

Ronnie later confronts Roxy and Charlie, but they insist that nothing is going on between them anymore. As Ronnie secretly carries on with her plan, she asks Ben and Abi to prepare a dinner for Roxy and Charlie so she can make amends for her accusations. Roxy and Charlie are pleased to see Ronnie back to her old self, but they’re unaware of her plan…

Meanwhile, Carmel heads back to the Square to help plan Kush and Shabnam’s wedding. Tensions flare up when Carmel tries to take over the planning, clashing with Shabnam over whether there should be an engagement party. The row leaves Kush with second thoughts about the wedding, but Shabnam apologises for her behaviour and agrees to the party after all – keen to show that she can make an effort. Later, Masood prepares for the first day of his “Masala Masood” stall, but business isn’t the only thing on his mind as he also prints off the address to find his granddaughter.

Elsewhere, Phil feels guilty over the circumstances which lost Lola her job. He tries to help Lola get her position at the salon back, but when the calm approach doesn’t work, Phil comes up with Plan B by confronting Shirley.

Also today, Sharon and Kim put their plans in motion to open separate bars.

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